Once you call us with your requirements we scour the
yard to take note of what is on hand. We will then contact
you with available inventory and a time frame for when the
material you require will roll. Each load is picked and carefully
checked and loaded to make sure our customers are shipped
what theyordered. Ideally we like to have a list of sizes
that you use on a regular basis and as we collect these sizes
they are put aside. Once we have accumulated enough for
a truckload, our customer is contacted and we ask for a
purchase order and ship the load. Needs change over time
and we are fully adaptable to your changing needs. It normally
takes a week or two to collect specific sizes. Whole orders of just
one size can take longer and some sizes run more often than others.

Call us with your needs and questions or just to find out
how we can fill your requirements.

David Ash: 773-251-0053
email: secondarytubing@gmail.com

Low Delivered Prices!
Square Tubing from 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" x .125 to 12" x 12" x .500
Rectangular Tubing from 3" x 1 1/2" x .125 to 18" x 6" x .500
Round Tubing from 1.9" to 16"

Farm and Feeder, Marine, Refuse, Utility and Many More Applications including Feed Bunks, Hay Wagons, Calving Pens, Feeders, Roll-Off Containers, Dumpsters, Machine Bases, Fencing, Signs, Skid Steer Attachments, Bobcat Attachments, Shoring and Sea Walls, Trailers, Attachments, Utility Buildings, Surface Casings, Bollards, Ornamental Iron, Culverts, Piling, Casings, Bulkheads, Marine Contracting, Resale, Fabricating, WindBreak Panels, and Many Other Uses...

Any application where your needs do not require mill certification is a candidate for secondary tubing